Jun 082015

Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases.

Psalm 115:3

Today is Primary Day in the State of Georgia. Many will go to the polls today to cast their vote for different governmental positions in the primary elections. I pray that God’s people will go and vote, and not only that, but will confront boldly the moral and cultural decay we see all around us. The late Carl F.H. Henry wrote a book called The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism, where he tells evangelicals that it is NOT an option to be disengaged from the critical issues of our day. He’s right!

Christians have a dual citizenship. One is in the City of Man and one is in the City of God. Augustine wrote his book, The City of God, during the collapse of the Roman Empire. As Christians we know that our ultimate concern must be for the glory of God. The City of Man is soon passing away and only faith, in Jesus Christ, in the Gospel, will translate a sinner to be a citizen of the City of God. But, Christ’s call for us to love our neighbor compels us, not only to promote the glory of God in this world, but also to promote justice and righteousness in the City of Man.

We know that the City of God is the eternal Kingdom and has primary importance. But that does not mean that the City of Man is unimportant. Christians are not permitted to forfeit our love for other citizens even in the City of Man. Our love of neighbor, grounded in our love for God, requires us to work for good in the City of Man. Christians bear responsibility in both cities. We should avoid the extremes of either neglecting the City of Man or making too of it. As believers, we know that we are temporary citizens in the City of Man.

Love of neighbor, grounded in the supreme love of God (our loving of God), provides a philosophy that strikes a balance between disengaging in politics or idolizing politics. As evangelicals, we must engage in political action, not because politics is ultimate (the City of Man is certainly not ultimate), but because our Redeemer commands us to love our neighbor. We love by speaking the truth! We do not love when we run and hide! If we truly love our neighbor, we should speak out against those things that are working to destroy our neighbor. Abortion, the re-definition of marriage, financial irresponsibility, and a host of other things are working to destroy our neighbor, and we should not be silent. Ultimately, we desire that our neighbors would be delivered from the god of this world and become citizens of God’s eternal Kingdom.

I am thankful today that God’s sovereignty is not up for a vote. No one can remove Him from His throne! He reigns supreme. But remember, when trouble hits the City of Man, the citizens of the City of God should spring into action. Our chief allegiance is to his Kingdom, but our love for neighbor calls us to fight for righteousness in the City of Man. Let’s not confuse the City of Man with the City of God, but faithful citizens of the City of God do not neglect their duty to the City of Man.

Remember in all of this that God is sovereign and He is working His plan. (See Romans 13).

The polls are closed (they were never opened)! God always has been and will be Sovereign!

Pastor Bill