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About Redeemer

About Redeemer Baptist

We're glad you're here!  In this section you'll find information regarding the founding documents of our fellowship and the principal values that unite us in serving Jesus Christ.  Many of these documents owe their existence to the labors of the leadership at Clifton Baptist Church, our sending church in Lousiville, KY.


Statement of Faith

Redeemer adheres to the 1853 New Hampshire Baptist Confession of Faith, originally drawn up by the Rev. John Brown, D.D., of New Hampshire in 1833.


Church Vision

We exist for the proclamation of God in Christ, for the transformation of God's people, and the exaltation of God in all things.


About Our Worship

Our concern in worship is for the glory of God and the exaltation of His word. Find out how we worship together at Redeemer and why it may be different from many churches you have attended.


Core Values

The body of believers in Christ at Redeemer Baptist commits to faithfully living this set of principles.  These values broadly summarize the application of our common confession of faith.


Covenant of Fellowship

This concise and Biblical statement of how we will live with, walk with, work with and encourage one another is the covenant to which all our members submit upon joining the congregation.


Church Constitution

Here you will find a simple guide to Redeemer's government and polity.

Sunday Schedule:

(Temporary Changes:)

Sunday school

Morning service
9:00 AM


Lord's Supper Celebration
1st Sunday (Oct 1)

Fellowship Meal
2nd Sunday (Oct 8)

Membership Class


Midweek Schedule:

Prayer Meeting
With Missionaries from Grenada

Wednesday, September 27

6:30-7:30 PM