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RBC Resources


In this section you will find, along with our monthly schedule, some helpful on- and off-site resources for your encouragement and the building up of your faith.


Church Calendar

See what we're doing this month!


Midweek Meditations

Read Pastor Bill's weekly devotional column.


Places We Like

Visit some of the websites we have enjoyed.  (We do not agree with every doctrinal tenet embraced by those who maintain these sites or by the literature they post; we post links here because we believe the content of the websites to be generally solid and of value.)

Sunday Schedule:

(Temporary Changes:)

Sunday school

Morning service
9:00 AM


Lord's Supper Celebration
1st Sunday (Oct 1)

Fellowship Meal
2nd Sunday (Oct 8)

Membership Class


Midweek Schedule:

Prayer Meeting
With Missionaries from Grenada

Wednesday, September 27

6:30-7:30 PM